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Currency exchange in Wrocław

GPS location

CENT Currency exchange is the oldest currency exchange in Wrocław. We have been operating without interruption since July 1989.

You will find us 50 m from the Main Square, at Świdnicka 3.

Give us a try, we offer negotiable prices!

We purchase and exchange no less than 37 currencies, including:

  • euro,
  • American dollars (USD),
  • British pounds (GBP)
  • Norwegian krone (NOK).

New currencies available

We have recently added new currencies to our range:

  • Thailand – the Thai baht has the currency code THB. 1 baht is 100 sedang.
  • Israel – the currency of Israel and the Palestinian National Authority is the new Israeli shekel. 1 shekel is 100 agorot – currency code ILS.
  • New Zealand – the New Zealand dollar – currency code NZD.
  • Iceland – Icelandic krona – currency code ISK.
  • United Arab Emirates – the DIRHAM – currency code AED.

We offer the greatest range of currencies in Wrocław. Do not hesitate to check the current currency exchange rates and negotiate the best prices. We ensure transaction security and discreet service in special rooms.

CENT Currency exchange is the cheapest currency exchange in Wrocław. Visit us to exchange your currency for foreign currencies or the other way around. We also provide information on metal exchange rates, e.g. gold, silver and platinum.

Do not hesitate to make use of our services – we offer great prices!

Our rules

Currency exchange in Wrocław: customer service

Our office offers a special room for discreet customer service. The room is available all the time. This ensures a comfortable atmosphere.

Check the list of banks that we work with

We can transfer the purchased amount of currency, or PLN, directly to your account or exchange it through a bank. 

Cheap currency exchange in Wrocław – Internet prices

In order to encourage you to use our services the website includes more favourable prices than those on the exchange board. When visiting us or booking a rate, please refer to the current Internet rates.